Australian National Flag Day 2021 Featured Image

Today marks 120 years since the Australian National Flag was first officially flown at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne – the site of Australia’s first Parliament.

This year also marks 25 years of celebrating Australian National Flag Day.

Australia’s National Flag was chosen from the nearly 33,000 designs submitted as part of an international competition. On 3 September 1901, Australia’s Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, announced the five winning entrants – all of whom submitted virtually the same design! The key elements of their designs were used to develop the Australian Flag we know and respect today.

Federal Member for Stirling, Vince Connelly MP, said the 120th anniversary of Australia’s National Flag is a poignant reminder of our nation’s strength as we face one of our most challenging periods.

“Our national flag is a symbol of great importance and under it we come together in strength and unity as Australians. It is fitting we use this historic day to acknowledge our rich national history and look with optimism to the future.

“Indeed, our flag has seen us through some of our most challenging times and some of our most significant. It’s the national symbol under which we fought during wars, the ensign we fly at half-mast when celebrating Anzac Day, and the emblem we wear on our shoulders when undertaking military operations.

“In what has been the most unprecedented of times, today is an opportunity for all Australians to celebrate our rich, national history and take a moment to reflect upon what our iconic flag represents.”

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