Community Groups to benefit from Life-Saving Defibrillators Featured Image

A re-elected Morrison Government will provide $15,000 for new defibrillators to be fitted in community centres across Stirling, then Liberal Candidate for Stirling, Vince Connelly announced during the election.

Mr Connelly met with representatives from the City of Stirling, including Mayor Mark Irwin, to announce that five community centres across Stirling would benefit from the purchase of five defibrillators.

Currently, community centres located in Osborne Park, Inglewood, Nollamara, North Beach, and Scarborough, are not equipped with the life-saving equipment, and will benefit from the investment by a re-elected Morrison Government.

Mr Connelly said he’s proud to support this key investment in community centres across Stirling.

“Our community centres in Stirling are vibrant hubs, and function as key meeting places for people across the community. Unfortunately, heart attacks and cardiac issues can strike at any time,” Mr Connelly said.

“That’s why it is essential that meeting places, where large groups of people congregate, are equipped with essential equipment, such as defibrillators, which we know save lives.”

Lead Community Services and Development Manager at the City of Stirling, Beth Jasas, said “These community centres operate predominately for seniors. As seniors are using these centres for recreation, the incidence of heart attack is unfortunately common, the defibrillators will save lives.”

WA Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds’s said it was because of a strong economy that the Morrison Government could make these live-saving health investments.

“Research shows that if a person is defibrillated within the first five minutes of collapse, their chance of survival is around 90 per cent,” Senator Reynolds said.

“This is why a key priority of the Morrison Government is investing in better healthcare, which includes the rollout of defibrillators in community centres right across Australia."