Local Leaders Recognised at Cowan Community Awards  Featured Image

Local community leaders from Cowan were joined by a special guest on Tuesday when the Prime Minister attended Vince Connelly MP's Cowan Community Forum in Mirrabooka.

The forum was an opportunity to recognise local leaders who have done outstanding work in their communities, particularly throughout COVID-19, with a number of them receiving a Community Appreciation Award from the Prime Minister.

The attendees represented not-for-profits, sporting clubs, multicultural organisations and faith communities in Cowan. Recipient of Community Appreciation Award for Masjid Al-Taqwa, Fatima Edries, said the forum was productive and inclusive of all communities. 

"The thing that stuck out the most was when the Prime Minister acknowledged that Australia is the must multicultural community in the world and how successful we are at making it work," Ms Edries said. 

Mr Connelly said the forum acknowledged those who have gone above and beyond to help not only their community, but others as well, through the challenges if the pandemic.

"The past few years have challenged us all, and it has been heartening to know that local leaders have driven initiatives to keep their community members connected and supported, whether it be through cultural traditions, sport or food," Mr Connelly said. 

"When the pandemic hit, organisations like the Sikh Gurudwara shifted their focus immediately towards cooking and distributing meals to around 3,000 people every week, which they continue to do today.

It doesn't matter where we have come from or what our faith may be, but it is acts of service like these in in our community that makes Cowan thrive."

The Prime Minister also addressed the forum to speak about the importance of having strong communities.

"Community is what binds us together, not governments. Governments have jobs to do... in supporting and helping community, but it's actually community in the first instance that actually grabs the greater society," the Prime Minister saids. 

You can read the Prime Minister's full remarks here