Investment in the Stirling Sports Club Featured Image

Then Liberal Candidate for Stirling, Vince Connelly, announced during the election that the Stirling Sports Club, home of the Stirling Lions Soccer Club, would receive $455,000 in funding from a re-elected Morrison Liberal Government.

The Stirling Sports Club is a major home soccer ground that services the local Stirling community, as well as the greater Perth region.

Having been running for over 30 years, the club’s facilities now require significant upgrades and maintenance to continue to meet growing local demand, enable them to expand their membership, and provide appropriate facilities for local games and training.

The vibrant club is looking to expand their community involvement and offering by fielding a women’s soccer team, and engaging with local schools to offer education programs, with the assistance of local players and coaches.

As part of the funding, the club will upgrade their kitchen facilities, to enable them to cater for large local events, and refurbish their change room facilities and public toilets – including a new female change room – which will expand the club’s players, and enhance viewing opportunities for supporters.

Importantly, the floodlights over the pitch will be upgraded to higher safety, energy efficiency, and lighting standards. This will enable the pitch to host national games, and expand playing and training times in the evening, as well as providing better sightlines for umpires and fans. The club will also upgrade and add a further 1,000 seats to the grandstand.

Liberal Candidate for Stirling, Vince Connelly, has welcomed the crucial investment in local grassroots sport.

“The Morrison Liberal Team is backing in local sport and ensuring that our community has high-quality facilities that service a wide range of people,” Mr Connelly said.

“Importantly, the Stirling Sports Club is engaging with local schools to help educate our children, and as a Father of two girls I’m thrilled that they will be looking to start a women’s game as well.”

WA Liberal Senator, Linda Reynolds, said the upgrades to the Stirling Sports Club would provide Stirling and broader WA residents with a greater opportunity to engage in sport locally.

“These upgrades will allow the Stirling Sports Club to host state and national games and give local residents the opportunity to participate and engage in an active grass-roots sporting club,” Senator Reynolds said.

“It is because of the Morrison Liberal Government’s strong economic management, and getting the budget back to surplus, that we are able to fund crucial community sporting projects.”