Nearly $10,000,000 in Local Government Funding in 2020 Budget Featured Image

Stirling MP Vince Connelly has welcomed today’s announcement that the Morrison Government will continue supporting job-creating, economy-boosting infrastructure in Stirling as part of its Economic Recovery Plan.

The Government’s record $110 billion transport infrastructure program will provide a boost to local job creation and businesses, helping to rebuild Australia’s economy and secure Stirling’s future.

 “Last week we announced $17.5 million in additional funds for the City of Stirling to complete the Stephenson Avenue Extension Program – a top up to our original $65 million injection.

“We also announced $45 million for a new Stirling Bus Interchange project, which will further improve transport options for Stirling residents.

“Today, we add to that an additional $1 billion for the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program, which will continue to empower local governments nationwide, include the City of Stirling, to deliver roads and community infrastructure.”

Mr Connelly said the government’s $1 billion Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LRCI) allocated $1.43 million in 2020-21 for the City of Stirling to get shovel-ready projects underway sooner.

The LRCI builds on the $500 million that the Morrison Government previously committed to support local councils at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing certainty and stability that allowed councils to deliver priority road and community infrastructure projects.

Mr Connelly also welcomed the announcement of the 2020-21 allocation of $1.39 million for the City of Stirling from the Roads to Recovery Program (R2R), which is provided to all local government authorities to assist them with maintaining and upgrading local roads.

The Australian Government will have provided $6.2 billion to the R2R program over the ten years to 2023-24, with an ongoing commitment of $500 million each year following.

“We have partnered with the City to help take Stirling to the next level and put us on the map as the go-to business district outside the Perth CBD. Fast, safe and easily accessible transport is the critical first step to make this vision a reality.”

“Finally, WA will receive an allocation of $303.2 million under the Financial Assistance Grant program in 2020-21, with a total of $6.86 million provided to the City of Stirling for other priority projects,” Mr Connelly said.

Mayor of the City of Stirling, Cr Mark Irwin, welcomed the announcement of the $45 million funding for the Stirling bus interchange project, and said that the full suite of investments were key to delivering on the overall vision of the Stirling City Centre – helping to transform the area into an accessible, vibrant urban centre, providing increased jobs and housing and connecting transport into the heart of the City of Stirling.

“The current Stirling Bus Station has been as capacity for years, prohibiting new bus routes into the area. The $45 million upgrade is a game changer and will help boost local jobs and local business within Perth’s second CBD.

“The City of Stirling appreciates the strong relationship we have with Mr Vince Connelly MP and the Federal Government in the delivery of major infrastructure projects in the City of Stirling. We are focussed on working together to facilitate economic recovery and create a bright future for everyone in our community,” Mr Irwin said.

Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge said the Government was driving the delivery of major infrastructure projects to build the economy and provide certainty for business over the long term.

“Our infrastructure pipeline is driving road investment, substantial rail investment, unlocking the economic potential of our regions and busting congestion in urban areas,” Minister Tudge said.

Since being elected in 2013 the Liberal and Nationals Government has committed more than $15.4 billion for infrastructure in Western Australia.

Stirling Electorate Infrastructure Summary

  • $45 million – Stirling Bus Interchange
  • $17.5 million – Additional Contribution to the Stephenson Ave Extension Project
  • $1.43 million – City of Stirling LRCI allocation for 2020-21
  • $1.39 million – City of Stirling R2R allocation for 2020-21
  • $6.86 million – City of Stirling FAGP allocation for 2020-21