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In most Australian States, doctors are not required to provide medical assistance to babies born alive following an unsuccessful abortion procedure.

In WA, 26 babies were recorded to have been born alive after termination procedures and subsequently died between 1999 and 2016. In Victoria, 33 babies faced the same fate in 2016 alone.

Not all States and Territories even keep statistics on these births.

I have previously addressed the Coalition party room regarding Nationals MP George Chistensen's draft Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021, calling for these babies to be given greater medical care and support in the cases where they are born alive.

This Bill is designed to protect children born alive as a result of a failed termination. It would require attending medical practitioners to take action to provide medical or even palliative care to ease the baby's suffering.

These babies deserve the same rights and medical treatment as any other human being.

I set a goal 23 years ago of serving as a Federal MP because I wanted to do as much good for as many people as possible. 

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"I came here to do good. Supporting lower taxes is easy. Supporting a challenging conversation like this is difficult. But if we truly want to do good things — this surely starts with doing the right things. And supporting the rights to medical care of tiny babies is unequivocally the right thing to do."

I've been both encouraged and heartened by the support of my colleagues since this matter was raised, but there is still a long road ahead when it comes to making change.

I want greater protections in place for babies tragically left to die after surviving abortion attempts.

This can't be done alone. I need your support to make a difference. Please sign this petition to call for greater rights for babies born alive.


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