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Conceived during WWII in the deserts of North Africa, the Special Air Service was established to operate and strike deep behind enemy lines.

In 1957, an Australian SAS Company (later Regiment) was established, and it remains at the leading edge of Australia’s military capabilities. Our SAS Regiment (SASR) has also led the way in leveraging the talents of women; 20 years ago, my wife’s first posting as a new intelligence officer (LT) was to the SASR.

My last position with the ADF was as a Reservist at the Regiment (MAJ) up until my successful nomination to serve Stirling as a Member of the House of Representatives. I had completed the physical selection course for the SASR in 2010 in the same intake as Member for Canning, Andrew Hastie, but ultimately was not selected for continuation training in a Troop Commander role.

I am a proud supporter of our SAS Regiment.

The inquiry by the Inspector General of the ADF into potential breaches of the laws of armed conflict in Afghanistan is an appropriate response to related allegations. We can be thankful that current and former ADF members are being treated with the utmost fairness and care throughout these processes. A range of support services are available to inquiry witnesses and affected individuals and I encourage serving and former serving ADF members and their families to reach out and seek any help they need. A cultural review, independent of the IGADF’s Inquiry, is also underway at the unit.

At the same time, I implore all Australians to remain in solidarity with the purpose and the people of this incredible unit.

At this time of complex geostrategic competition, it is critical that we can continue to draw upon the unique capabilities and effects of the SAS Regiment who have kept us safe and protected Australia’s national interests and must continue to do so into our uncertain future.

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My commitment to veterans...

Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, I joined a number of organisations dedicated to the health and wellbeing of former members of the ADF, including serving as a member of the Veterans Advisory Council to the WA Veterans Minister, Legacy WA, and as a board member for the Veterans Transition Centre.

I am proud to be a part of a growing group of MPs in the Federal Parliament that have served in our nation’s armed forces, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, as well as the Coalition Policy Committee on Defence and Veterans.

The Morrison Government is delivering on its commitment to continually improve support for our veterans.

We have introduced legislation to establish the National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention.

The National Commissioner will have powers broadly equivalent to a Royal Commission, but will be a permanent office that can continually monitor the implementation of its own recommendations to ensure long-term solutions are delivered, whilst also being able to examine new issues which may arise over time.

Further information is available at https://www.ag.gov.au/about-us/national-commissioner-defence-and-veteran-suicide-prevention

If you, or someone you know, need support, you can contact:

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