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The Morrison Government’s Budget 2021-22 is a plan to secure Australia’s recovery, rebuild the economy and create more jobs to ensure we emerge from COVID-19 stronger than ever.

Federal Member for Stirling, Vince Connelly MP, welcomed the measures announced in last night’s Budget. He said that, having previously brought the Budget back to balance for the first time in 11 years, the Morrison Government was in a strong position to provide increased support for Australians in Budget 2021-22.

“A strong fiscal position allowed the Government to respond decisively to this once-in-a-century pandemic with $291 billion in economic support.

“This allows us to support the Stirling community where we need it most, including record funding for schools, hospitals, aged care, mental health and the NDIS.

“Our plan to secure Australia’s recovery will create more jobs, rebuild our economy and set the country up for further success in the future.”

The Budget provides an additional tax cut to more than 10 million low-and middle-income earners, including around 62,100 Stirling residents, with benefits of up to $1,080 for individuals and $2,160 for couples.

The Morrison Government is continuing tax incentives that will allow around 21,600 businesses in Stirling to write off the full value of any eligible asset they purchase. Furthermore, around 6,500 local businesses will be able to use the extended loss carry back measure to support cash flow and confidence.

To support further job creation, the Coalition will commit an additional $500 million to expand the JobTrainer Fund by a further 163,000 places and extend the program until 31 December 2022.

“We already have 1,750 apprentices in Stirling. These new measures will expand wage subsides for employers, leading to more opportunities for apprentices and trainees” Mr Connelly said.

Aged care, Medicare and childcare services will always be guaranteed under the Morrison Government.

The Budget delivers a record $17.7 billion investment in aged care over the next five years to ensure the 23,304 senior Australians living in Stirling are treated with respect, care and dignity. This includes $7.8 billion to reform residential care to support a better and more sustainable system, including changes to staffing, respite services and regulations.

To cut the cost of living and help boost workforce participation, the Government is making an additional $1.7 billion investment in childcare. Childcare reforms in this Budget will directly benefit more than 1,000 families in Stirling.

The Government is providing $220 million over four years to update and add new health services to the Medicare Benefits Schedule to ensure services remain best practice. This includes providing additional investments in respiratory clinics, pathology testing and tracing and the continuation of telehealth services.

In Stirling, there have been 192,866 telehealth consultations through Medicare since the start of the pandemic and these services are now being extended.

“The Morrison Government’s comprehensive economic plan will create jobs and secure Australia’s recovery,” Mr Connelly said.

“As Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, said in his Budget speech, Australia’s economic engine is roaring back to life.”

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