About the Project

For years now, Vaishnav Sangh of Western Australia (VSWA) has played an important role, providing a space for the Hindu community to gather to stay connected with their religion.

Together with Senator Ben Small and Liberal Candidate for Pearce, Linda Aitken, we want to help VSWA build the Shreenathdham Haveli Culture & Community Centre.

Although currently based out of the Stirling Adriatic Centre, over the years, Shreenathji has previously been hosted at various locations in Perth delivering a place for prayer, language classes, and senior and youth services. 

With around 1,000 attendees and counting, and a growing demand for more social and cultural events, VSWA has outgrown its current home. 

VSWA has worked hard to acquire a parcel of land in Wangara to build a Grand Haveli of Shreenathji together with a Cultural Centre but funding constraints are stopping construction from getting underway.

Add Your Support

A centre like this will allow for the growth of membership numbers while also providing an avenue for future generations to remain connected with cultural values and traditions.

With part of the funding already set aside by VSWA, we need your help to get this project up and running!

Please sign our petition to help build the Shreenathdham Haveli Culture & Community Centre.

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